Microgreens Growers Almanac: Easy record-keeping for Growing Microgreens

November 2, 2019  Nationalfoody Avatar

If you’re a Microgreens Grower, this Book is a must-have for Record Keeping.

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With simple and easy-to-follow instructions, Microgreens Growers Almanac: Easy record-keeping for growing Microgreens shows how to record your own nutrient-packed microgreen plant, pre-soak time, date planted, try size used, estimated harvest time, seeding rate, growing medium, blackout days, water per day, day to germinate, list of over 90 microgreen plants with growing guide and space for notes.

Microgreens Growers Almanac archives the easy process of planting, growing, and harvesting your little super greens in 7 to 10 days. Broccoli, arugula, basil, radishes, purple cabbage, cilantro, chard, and more, can all be eaten as salads, added to sandwiches, soups, burgers, rice, smoothies, and any other food which needs a healthy enhancement.

You only need a small amount of space to grow microgreens with or without soil: – in the kitchen, a balcony, deck, porch, or patio, indoors or outdoors, absolutely anywhere. These tiny nutritionally packed greens make them a must-eat food for a vigorous lifestyle.

Grow Microgreens such as:

✅ Alfalfa ✅ Beet ✅ Lentil ✅ Sorrel
✅ Amaranth ✅ Broccoli ✅ Mung Bean ✅ Spinach
✅ Arugula ✅ Buckwheat ✅ Mustard ✅ Sunflower
✅ Barley ✅ Cilantro ✅ Pac Choi ✅ Tarragon
✅ Basil ✅ Cress ✅ Pea ✅ Thyme
✅ Carrots ✅ Cucumber ✅ Purple Cabbage ✅ Tokyo Bekana
✅ Cauliflower ✅ Dill ✅ Radish ✅ Wasabi
✅ Celery ✅ Endive ✅ Sage ✅ Wheatgrass
✅ Chard ✅ Lemon Balm ✅ Sea bean
✅ Chives ✅ Lemongrass ✅ Sesame

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