National Dish of Armenia – Khash or Pacha

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National Dish of Armenia – Khash or Pacha

Ingredients for making Khash / Pacha

calf tripe / stomach 2 lbs.
hooves (from calf) 4
lamb tongues 6
garlic cloves 2

Khash, also called Pacha is a meat stew made from animal tongues, hooves, and stomachs. It is popularly cooked in Armenia during the cold season and eaten with lavash bread.

Directions  for Preparing Khash

  1. Each of the meat products must be cooked separately before it is added to the stew
  2. Preparing the hooves
  3. Clean the hooves by first soaking them in boiling water. The hot water will loosen the hard hoof from the flesh and it can be taken off easily
  4. Prepare an open flame and singe the hair from the skin of the feet. Scrape off any extra hairs with a sharp knife.
  5. Wash thoroughly before soaking the feet overnight in water.
  6. Preparing the tripe/calf stomach
  7. Soak the calf’s stomach overnight in water. The next day, remove from the water and dice the stomach into 1-inch pieces.
  8. Boil the pieces in water for ten minutes, then drain. Return the meat to the pot and add fresh water. Cook for fifteen minutes.
  9. Preparing the lamb tongues
  10. Place whole lamb tongues in a pot of water and cook until the skins can be taken off easily. Dice the cooked tongues.
  11. Making the khash.
  12. Place the hooves in a large pot and begin cooking them in water and garlic.
  13. Add the calf stomach to the pot and cook for two hours. The meat will begin to fall off the bones in the calf feet. Remove the bones and any scum which forms. When the stomach and feet are halfway done, add the lamb tongues. Sprinkle adequate salt and pepper.
  14. When the khash is finished cooking, remove some of the fat and let it melt in a separate frying pan.
  15. Sprinkle paprika and cook for a few minutes until it dissolves. Pour the paprika-infused fat back into the stew.
  16. 16. Serve khash with vinegar and lemon juice.




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