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Mushroom Chicken Green Pepper Delight - National Dishes of the World

Mushroom Chicken Green Pepper Delight

August 21, 2022  Nationalfoody Avatar
Mushroom Chicken Green Pepper Delight


Small Mushrooms 4oz
dice Chicken Breast 5oz
Medium Yellow Onion 1/4
Medium Green Bell Pepper 1/4
Olive oil 1 tsp
salt ½ tsp
black pepper ½ tsp
Garlic Powder ¼ tsp
Onion Powder ¼ tsp
Italian Seasoning ¼ tsp
Paprika ¼ tsp

In need of a quick and easy weeknight dinner? Try out this delicious Mushroom Chicken!

This is a simple, healthy recipe that is perfect for weeknight dinners. It’s also great for meal prep because the ingredients can be prepped ahead of time and then just heated up before serving.

This Mushroom Chicken Green Pepper is a delicious and healthy meal that you can make in just 15-20 minutes.

Directions for Preparing Mushroom Chicken

  1. slice the mushrooms into pieces and place them aside.
  2. slice and chop the Onion into pieces and place aside.
  3. Dice the pepper into small pieces and place it aside.
  4. Place the frying pan on the stove and turn the heat up to 250 degrees.
  5. Pour the olive oil into the pan, put in the chicken, and flip after 2 minutes. spread the salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian Seasoning, and Paprika over the chicken. Mix them for 4 minutes on medium heat. Take them out of the pan, and place them aside.
  6. In the same frying pan, place the mushrooms, and stir for 3 minutes on medium heat. Then add the onions and green pepper.
  7. Add a little salt and black pepper and stir for 3 minutes.
  8. Add the chicken, and continue stirring for another 6 minutes, or until the chicken is tender.

Serve hot and enjoy.

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10 min


20 min

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