National Dish of Ethiopia – Fit Fit

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National Dish of Ethiopia – Fit Fit


large injera flatbread 1
green jalapenos (seeded and chopped into strips) 2
canola oil ¼ cup
tomatoes (chopped) 2
(3 oz.) tomato paste ½ can
onions (peeled and chopped) 2 large
water ¼ cup
berbere spice blend / red pepper paste 1-2 tsp.
cloves garlic (minced) 4
minced ginger 2 tsp.

Fit Fit is a spicy Ethiopian flatbread dish that is so popular there, that it is considered the country’s national dish. Fit Fit is made from crumbled injera which is a type of African flatbread and seasoned with berbere spice blend; a key ingredient in African cuisine. This dish is traditionally eaten for breakfast.

Directions for Preparing Fit Fit

  1. Heat the canola oil in a pot on medium-high heat.
  2. Add the onions and sauté until soft and translucent.
  3. Add the berbere spice blend or red pepper paste.
  4. After a few minutes, stir in the tomato paste and allow to cook for about four (0:04) minutes.
  5. Add the chopped tomatoes, minced garlic, and ginger to the pot.
  6. Sprinkle a dash of salt.
  7. Cook on medium-low heat until the tomatoes are tender.
  8. Pour in the water, reduce the heat and allow to simmer.
  9. While the liquid simmers, set the injera flatbread on a flat surface.
  10. Use a knife to slice the injera into small pieces, either squares or thin, short strips.
  11. Alternatively, the injera can be crumbled with the hands.
  12. Put the sliced or crumbled injera into the pot.
  13. Mix together so that the injera starts to soak up the spicy liquid.
  14. Maintain the pot on low heat, stirring gently as the liquid is absorbed by the injera flatbread.
  15. Once all the liquid is absorbed, turn off the heat.
  16. Garnish with the chopped jalapenos. Serve the Fit Fit with a mug of hot coffee for a delicious breakfast.

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