National Dish of Gabon – Poulet Nyembwe

National Dish of Gabon – Poulet Nyembwe





smoked chicken (cut into pieces) 1
can palm nut puree 1
red palm oil 1 tbsp.
onions (peeled and diced) 2
cloves garlic (finely chopped) 3
water 1 L
bouillon cubes 2
tomatoes (diced) 3
mustard 2-3 tbsp.
whole chilies 3
okras (sliced) 12
Vegetable oil for frying
Salt & Black pepper

This spicy chicken dish is the national dish of Gabon. The word Nyembwe means palm oil in the Myene language which is spoken in Gabon. Essentially, Poulet Nyembwe is chicken cooked and flavored with palm oil. Smoked chicken is usually used to prepare it. People of Gabon usually serve hot rice, plantain or mashed yams with this dish.


  1. In a large bowl, add the mustard, one crumbled bouillon cube and a dash of black pepper to the pieces of chicken.
  2. Mix well so that the chicken pieces are thoroughly seasoned.
  3. Heat a skillet and add enough vegetable oil to lightly fry the chicken.
  4. Add the pieces of chicken to the oil and fry for ten (0:10) minutes or until all sides are brown.
  5. Remove from the oil and set aside.
  6. In another cooking pot, heat the red palm oil over low heat.
  7. Add the diced onions and chopped garlic, then sauté together until tender.
  8. Add the chopped tomatoes and sliced okra.
  9. Stir in the palm nut puree.
  10. Pour in the water and mix everything together.
  11. Crumble the second bouillon cube into the stew.
  12. Increase the heat to high and place the lid on the pot.
  13. Allow the sauce to thicken and remove the lid.
  14. When the red palm oil appears on the surface of the stew, place the fried chicken into the sauce.
  15. Add the whole chilies.
  16. Season with salt.
  17. Reduce the heat and let simmer for twenty (0:20) minutes.

    Serve with hot steamed rice.

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