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Eating Healthy – Going The Extra Mile

Eating healthy is a necessity, it can be done with a little effort on our part! The results are rewarding!
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Increasing Animal Protein Production Using a Data Analytics Model

Amino acids are building blocks of protein, they are necessary nutrients. Proteins are essential nutrients for the human body. They are the major structural components of all cells of the body.
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7 Useful Foods to Benefit Soccer Players

Any successful soccer player needs to be eating muscle-building foods for all-round strength and endurance. A well planned diet should consist of a lot of carbohydrates and protein.
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Personal grocery shopping Delivery Services on the Rise

Personal grocery shopping Delivery Services on the Rise

Personal grocery shopping is on the rise in America. Whether it’s that people just do not have the time to go shopping for themselves, or they just don’t know what they should be purchasing, there is a growing market for the service. There are a few untapped marketplaces for personal shoppers, from the vacation rental/condo business and the healthy/organic industry. On top of vacation rentals and organic food, there is now a newer form of grocery delivery, which is online ordering to be delivered to your doorstep. These are three very different instances in which there is a need, but they are alike in the sense that people will be willing to pay a lot of money for all three of the services.

In the vacation rental/condo business the need is due to the fact that when people come to vacation, the last thing that they want to spend their time on is shopping for food and beverages. This is where people will pay big money, especially since they are already in the spending mood, to have the food they requested delivered to their doorstep without lifting a finger. In the Destin area alone, there have been many small businesses capitalizing on this very opportunity, and once the word inevitably gets out, they become very successful amongst vacationers and long-term renters alike.

This leads to another aspect of personal grocery shopping, where people are also willing to shell out a large sum of money to get their products delivered to their doorstep, and that is in the natural/organic foods market. Many people find it difficult or even near impossible to find fresh and healthy organic food, Read More

A Look at Japan’s Izakaya Culture

A look at japan's izakaya culture

A look at the history, culture and dining experience at a Japanese Izakaya. Izakaya which literally means ‘stay-in sake shop’ (sakaya) are Japanese pubs where people can relax and enjoy freshly prepared small plates of food along with their drinks. In the Western world, the izakaya would be thought of as a Happy Hour venue, where people come after work for cheap food and drink to relax after a day at work.View Full Article Here

5 Foods That Are Much Less Healthy Than You Think

5 foods that are much less healthy than you think

There are several “healthy” foods that are not as good for you as you may think. The natural fruit sugar (fructose) which gives many fruits their sweet taste tricks your body into gaining weight by not letting you realize when you are full.View Full Article Here

Food That Doesn’t Match the Menu

Did you know the food you order at some restaurants doesn’t always match the description on the menu? There have been some big profits made in the restaurant industry from the old practice of “bait and switch”. Find out what is happening the behind closed doors and what some restaurants are really serving?
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Mrs Balls Chutney – The Taste of Home

There is nothing quite like a taste of the mother country to bring on a wave of home-sickness for South Africans living overseas. Mrs Balls Chutney is one of those tastes, (not forgetting Chappies, Bubble Gum, boerewors and biltong), just to mention a few others.
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The Top 4 Delicacies of Barbados

Known not only for its sun, sea, beaches and sand, Barbados is also widely regarded as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean”. With its rich choice of Cuisine, it is characterized by strong spicy combinations of fresh lime juice, thyme, chili peppers and parsley.
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Adding Malt Extract in Your Bread

I am sure most of you would love waking up to the yummy smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the air in your house. I enjoy the taste of freshly baked bread any time of the day.
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